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Arguments Against

Bilingual Education



Arguments For

Bilingual Education



  • Bilingual Education Priorities by Mauro E. Mujica Bilingual education programs rely on the unproven theory that a child must spend years becoming literate in his native language before he or she can properly learn a second language
  • Why Bilingual Education?" 1992 by Lisa Rodriguez - This article has been published previously in Teachers Mac by SchoolHouse Mac, Nov. 1995 and the NCBE world wide website, Sep. 1996.


  • Bilingual Education Critics File Petitions by NICK ANDERSON, ERIC BAILEY, Time's Staff Writers Schools: Backers of proposed initiative to require all classes in English say they will get 700,000 signatures. Group seeking limits on union campaign fund-raising also submits names.


  • 150 years on bilingual education pendulum  by  Jill Tucker  Oakland Tribune  Monday, October 20, 1997 -  In 1974, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously determined that placing students who couldn't  speak English in regular classrooms without some language help was a violation of their civil  rights.



  • Bridging the Language Gulf, Developing Science Literacy  Efforts to enhance language acquisition of middle school bilingual students has improved with the utilization of a community-based, project-oriented approach to the development of science, technology, and language literacies.




  • Bilingual Education: Bane or Boon? By Lynnell Hancock , 1995 Newsweek. "But a more recent George Mason University study of 42,000 students found that students learn English  faster in quality bilingual classes than they do in   English-only settings. "


  • English Spoken Here By David Hill Santa Ana, Calif. Teacher Gloria - Matta Tuchman says bilingual education is not helping California's children.


  • Why African Americans Need to Support   Bilingual Education  by Gary Phillips and Victor Narro. " The new wedge is the so-called English Language Education for Immigrant Children Initiative. This proposed measure is but one more device being utilized to prevent the coalescing of   communities for their own interests."


  • Bilingual Education - The failure of Bilingual Education -  bilingual education is failing our country's students.



  • The Debate Over English Only  Reasons Against English Only | NEA Resolutions | Language Inclusion History   English Only Legislation | Community Recommendations | English Only Resources