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Aida A. Nevárez-LaTorre Editor

Rosalie Rolón-Dow Assistant Editor

Temple University 1997


This publication was supported by a collaboration between the College of Education, Temple University and the Edison Cluster, School District of Philadelphia through a Title VII system wide grant, # T291R50034.







Nevárez-La Torre, A. A. - Acknowledgements. Introduction


Beitler, L. - " Ausentismo" - Possible reasons for the high absenteeism of Latino students in his 6th grade class.Writing in Spanish he further explores the effectiveness of three student-centered activities to reduce the pattern of attrition in particular students. He acknowledges that absenteeism is a complex reality with a variety of factors which require multiple and creative solutions.

Enriquez-Beitler, M. - "Parental Involvement" - Parental involvement in her 8th grade classroom. Specifically, she explores the factors that influence parents to be involved or not to be involved in her classroom as well as in school. She also considers some strategies that could augment the active and meaningful presence of parents in schools.

Hernández-Gilbert, M. E. - "Drama as a Pre-writing Activity in the Primary Grade Classroom" - The use of dramatic role-play and/or reenactments may provide the student with the opportunity to go b ûeyond merely visualizing scenes of his/her narrative but allow them to vicariously live it. She sought to observe what changes occurred in her second grade classroom over a four-week period by introducing dramatic story retellings and paired role play. Her learnings from using drama as a pre-writing activity and the steps to further encourage the students' writing development are described.

Novales, W. - "The Writing Process in My Classroom: Students Begin to Risk-It" - The writing process as a means to develop independent and skillful writers. After observing her students' lack of interest and limited writing skills she explored some strategies that ?could facilitate the writing process. She describes the changes in her students' writing performance when she started to implement the process as a strategy to facilitate the writing of her students.

Siscamanis, E. "My Silent Student" - Reflection on her experiences with one of her students in kindergarten who hardly interacted verbally. She describes an exploration to find out what strategies could motivate this child to respond verbally to her. Her inquiry produces insightful questions about the importance of considering the impact of social and emotional factors in the early grades. Through her paper, one can see an open jouney into the inquiry process.